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270 win case length

270 win case length

The two calibers and loads complement each other.
270 Winchester cartridge See also edit References edit a b ".
Internationally, firearms manufacturers now offer this chambering in all firearm varieties: bolt-actions, single-shots, lever-actions (such as the Browning BLR pump-actions (such as the Remington 7600 autoloaders (such as the Remington 7400 and even a few double rifles.The writer Jack O'Conner a writer for the magazine Outdoor Life was a huge fan, and he was by far the leading voice for this cartridge.So I ask you to kindly put down your pitchforks, torches, lynch ropes, lower your guard a bit, and lets take a subjective look at the external and terminal ballistic data ranges that these 2 rounds create.So the 30-06 wins on price but not by much when talking about purchasing ammo.Consider purchasing.270 and.30-06.However, the load that made the.30-06's reputation with hunters as an all-around big game hunting cartridge-meaning all of the above CXP2 game plus elk, moose, and grizzly bear-is the 180 grain bullet (SD.271) at a MV of about 2700 fps.270 Winchester.So the external ballistics of the 30-06 trajectory put it slightly behind the.270 Win, and we haven't even started looking at the drop charts.The 30-06 is also slightly more available than the 270 win, although both can be found at all major retailers and online ammo shops.This assumes we are sighted in at 100 yards, and our scope ads.5" of height.
Bullet Energy: 3,096.
Common bullet weight recommendations for shooting different game are as follows:.87.1 grams (90110 gr) bullets: animals smaller than coyote.
Rifle Resources And References.
World War II period, the.
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Cartridge Type: Rifle, height:.54 width:.473 average FPS: 3010.
Our cartridge database is large enough that we have several instances of the same grain, and same manufactuer for both cartridges.You'd have to be a dyed in the wool.270.30-06 true believer to dispute the reality of those statements, and the majority of experienced hunters would agree with.The larger 166gr bullet will have larger permanent cavitation, and being slower there is less chance of over penetration on larger game.It is recommended that.The late, great Jack O'Connor once wrote (to paraphrase) that if all.270 loads but the 130 grain and all.30-06 loads but the 180 grain were to be discontinued, we would not be greatly inconvenienced.(In North America that would primarily include deer, black bear, caribou, antelope, sheep, goats, and feral hogs.) The 150 grain bullet was introduced in the.30-06 at a MV of 2700 fps, but improvements in powder technology have increased that to about 2900 fps in most.Goal 1: Kill deer from 50-300yds.You can find 30-06 ammo in 130 grain all the way to 220 grain (range of 90).Average Energy: 2920, average Gr: 166, relative Recoil:.19.The.30-06 became famous as a military cartridge shooting a 150 grain spitzer bullet (SD.226 and that is still a very popular bullet weight with hunters, particularly those seeking CXP2 game.An example that favors the 30-06 is the.270 Winchester, Federal Sierra GameKing btsp, 150gr and the.30-06 Springfield, Federal Sierra GameKing btsp, 150gr.


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